Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall: Is Anderson retiring tonight?

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Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall: Is Anderson retiring tonight?

Just a week after the departure of the best fighter in UFC history, Khabib Nurmagomedov, the richest MMA organization tonight in Las Vegas is left without another legend. Or not ?! Since it is Anderson Silva, the suspicion is justified.

The incredible Brazilian, a fighter who has dominated the middleweight category for almost 10 years with a special style, is fighting his last battle tonight. Or not ... Because it wouldn't be the first time he left, then came back, promised, then stepped on it.

This time, however, we will keep his word and expect that tonight's match in Las Vegas will be his last. However, he is already 45 years old and it is clear that he will never be what he was, so it is time for him to leave the octagon forever.

"Saturday night will be really special, because it carries the aura of the last fight. The opponent is dangerous, cunning and experienced, and I believe it will be a good measure," said the popular Spider.

Uriah Hall

Uriah Hall, a strong Jamaican, a stand-up master, will have the opportunity to make his departure bitter, since Kyukushinkai karate also originated.

If you look at the entire history, Silva is the absolute favorite, but if we take a look at what has happened in recent years, it is clear why his 36-year-old rival got the advantage from the bookmakers. Because since 2012, Silva has had eight matches, and recorded only one triumph (except for that strange pop victory over Diaz, since it turned out that Silva was doped, and his opponent was on marijuana).

Thus, his legacy is already quite eroded, but the Brazilian does not care, but continues to work. It seems that the UFC is tired of it, and it is believed that they will not give him a chance anymore. And maybe they will. In any case, hence the story of retirement.

Uriah Hall, on the other hand, is in good shape, winning three of the last four fights, but he can never be sure with Silva, and we expect the match to last. We will surely have a great match in which Anderson will want to show that age is just a number and that he still has the strength and knowledge to defeat his opponent.

If he intends to retire tonight, then he will have an even greater motive for winning Hall, on the other hand, is a great fighter and it will be very difficult for Anderson to fight such an opponent.