Islam Makhachev's Provocative Tweet Sparks Fiery Post-Match Exchange with Oliveira

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Islam Makhachev's Provocative Tweet Sparks Fiery Post-Match Exchange with Oliveira
Islam Makhachev's Provocative Tweet Sparks Fiery Post-Match Exchange with Oliveira

In a stunning display of raw power and precision, Charles Oliveira defeated Beneil Dariush in the first round of the co-headlining fight at UFC 289. The night did not unfold as many fight enthusiasts had predicted, who were expecting a grueling three-round battle.

However, Oliveira once again demonstrated why he remains a favorite amongst UFC fans, truncating the intense anticipation with an unexpectedly swift resolution. Oliveira kept his opponent on the back foot, relentlessly pummeling Dariush with a barrage of high kicks.

A visibly flustered Dariush could not offer any effective counter in this stance. As the first round neared its conclusion, Oliveira firmly sealed his victory with a series of ground strikes, leaving no room for a possible Dariush comeback.

A Post-Match Twitter Exchange

An intriguing interaction took place during the post-match events, with UFC fighter Islam Makhachev chiming in via Twitter. His tweet read, "Congrats Charles. But still there’s levels in this game" It was a veiled barb at Oliveira, hinting at the possible disparities in skill levels within the UFC sphere.

Not one to back down, Oliveira responded promptly during his in-cage post-fight interview. “The champion has a name, it’s Charles Oliveira,” he declared, demonstrating not just his skill in the ring, but also his quick wit outside of it.

The Specter of a Rematch

After this interaction, interviewer Daniel Cormier relayed Makhachev's statement to the audience and Oliveira, and the latter confidently retorted with a query to the crowd: "Who is the champion?" This victory has indisputably paved the way for Oliveira's ascendancy in the UFC ranks.

After his loss to Makhachev the previous year, where he did not even get to fire a shot, his latest victory has shown everyone the true caliber of Charles Oliveira. It is now up to the UFC to act on this invigorated fighter's potential.

Given Oliveira's stellar performance and the palpable tension between him and Makhachev, there is a growing clamor for a rematch. And it's hard to believe that the UFC would overlook the opportunity to organize such a highly anticipated match.

It is a showdown that fans are eagerly waiting to see unfold once more, and one that promises a spectacle worth the wait.

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