Jorge Masvidal reacts to the fact that UFC fighters are underpaid

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Jorge Masvidal reacts to the fact that UFC fighters are underpaid
Jorge Masvidal reacts to the fact that UFC fighters are underpaid

During his guest appearance on Jake Paul's podcast, Jorge Masvidal commented on the situation in the UFC as well as the fact that UFC fighters are not paid enough. Jake Paul has insisted many times so far that Dana White increases the salaries of his fighters, but he has never received a positive response.

Jorge did not want to talk much about money, as well as whether UFC fighters are paid enough. He has respect for Dana White and can understand the story from the other side. “It’s an interesting situation with the UFC,” Masvidal said on Jake Paul's podcast, as quoted by “The pay’s gone up in some areas.

In some areas, not – I mean, I got nothing but good stuff to say about Dana (White). The relationship wasn’t always the best in the beginning, but I got nothing but good stuff to say because he’s allowed me to create so much money, so much publicity, marketing, all this stuff, and he’s helped me out tremendously.

Me personally, I’m biased. I’m not the right person to ask because I’m like a Dana candidate."

Jorge Masvidal: White must play his fighters more

However, he didn't mince his words in the sequel and emphasized that Dana White must pay his fighters more.

If you are not a top UFC fighter, then it is difficult for you to live on that alone. It is necessary that UFC fighters have greater rights, and greater earnings, considering the risk they take when they enter the octagon. “But, I’m also ‘pay fighters more.’ I know Dana’s running a business, and he’s a great businessman.

So can he give out the checks we want as fighters? That’s like a business decision. I have always advocated throughout my career and now that I’m retired, even more. More money for the fighters because it’s a f*cking tough job.

You shouldn’t be in the top 10 having to f*cking work at Walmart or something. If you’re in the top 15, you should be set that you’re making enough money per fight, whether you have sponsors or not, that all your bills are covered”.

Jorge Masvidal

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