Ben Askren doesn't believe in McGregor's return: He is no longer an elite fighter

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Ben Askren doesn't believe in McGregor's return: He is no longer an elite fighter
Ben Askren doesn't believe in McGregor's return: He is no longer an elite fighter

Conor McGregor could soon return to the MMA scene and show his qualities after almost two years. Many fans of this sport, as well as current fighters, are not optimistic about Conor McGregor's return and do not expect great things from him.

Ben Askren is one of them. This experienced fighter believes that it is difficult to take McGregor seriously, given that the Irishman seems to be more devoted to other things than training. “When was the last time you’ve seen a training video of Conor McGregor? Every video I see, he’s partying, he’s dancing, he’s drinking,” Askren said on his “Funky & The Champ” show, as per “I don’t know.

Is this guy taking it seriously anymore? And listen, he’s rich. He can do whatever he wants, apparently. But we also don’t have to consider him a really elite fighter. He needs to prove that to us again."

Ben Askren on Conor McGregor's statement

Although McGregor often makes "bizarre" statements in which he talks about plans for the future, Askren emphasizes that this will not come true.

Even more, Askren is not optimistic that there will be a fight between Conor and Michael Chandler. “I am not under the belief that Conor McGregor is ever going to fight regularly. I just saw he came out saying, ‘I’m going to fight three or four times in the next year.’ That ain’t going to happen.

Come on, man. He’s fought four times in six years. Why would he fight three or four times in one year? That’s crazy talk – and I’m not even convinced he’s (going to wind up) fighting Michael Chandler”.

Daniel Cormier confirmed during the conversation that McGregor has submitted his first sample to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Askren does not believe this to be true. Ben would love to see Conor fight though. “That would be step No.

1,” Askren said. “I don’t think he’s actually submitted a sample. Maybe I’m being a hater here. Maybe I’m being a skeptic, but I want to see him fight someone. He’s 1-3 in his last four. That is over the last six years.

He has the one win against Donald Cerrone. He just hasn’t been active at all. We haven’t seen him since July of 2021. That was almost two years ago”.

Ben Askren

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