Henry Cejudo: Conor McGregor will be easy money for Canelo Alvarez


Henry Cejudo: Conor McGregor will be easy money for Canelo Alvarez

Henry Cejudo talked about Conor McGregor and his future on his YouTube channel. At the very beginning, Cejudo touched on Conor McGregor's physique. Namely, this popular UFC fighter emphasized that Conor looks completely different than before.

However, it has pros and cons. “There’s something crazy different about his face. Notice his jawline you know he’s probably, he’s just a little too bulky and you start to kind of come into conclusion, ‘What is it that he’s actually taking and if it’s actually healthy for him?’ Because remember guys you can get big and stronger… but there are pros, there’s also cons,” Cejudo said, as quoted by middleeasy.com

Alvarez vs McGregor

The match between Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez could be a real spectacle.

Cejudo believes that Canelo could agree to this match considering the big money but also the easy win. “I guarantee you right now, Canelo will be all about it [fighting McGregor] because you know why? Because it’s easy money for him and you go up against a guy like Canelo, Canelo’s gonna stop you in the first or second round like he’s an approval lesson,” Cejudo assessed.

“He’s gonna make an example of you for the simple fact that Floyd is just a little more business oriented and Floyd doesn’t have the power that Canelo has and those are questions that Conor McGregor have to answer.

”- he continued. Cejudo is not optimistic about the Irishman's return to the ring. “It’s not so much ring rust, it’s more of you forget a little of that in experience of being in there in the actual fighting with no pads [or] with any of that, you know and Conor does have to kind of come back and really rejuvenate that and understand that because it’s not just the ring rust, it’s gonna be if you really understand the experience of the actual game,” he concluded.

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