Hall believes that Adesanya chooses opponents that suit him

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Hall believes that Adesanya chooses opponents that suit him

The most important exam of his career so far is ahead of Uriah Hall. In fact, a fight he must not lose if he wants to remain a relevant fighter within the UFC middleweight division. Fighting Anderson Silva on paper seems like a big test, but it’s also not hard to conclude why Hall’s defeat is by no means an option.

Silva has celebrated only once in the last seven years and everyone who wanted to make some result had to get through it through him. Thus, through Silva, Israel Adesanya built his way to the title. He is currently the champion, and the fight against the champion is the goal of every fighter in the category, including Hall.

And he doesn't really have a good opinion about the way Israel's championship path is being built. In fact, he said something we haven’t had a chance to hear so far. He believes that Adesanya actually chooses his title defense carefully at the expense of the style of fighters that suits him.

"Adesanya chooses his fights. He sees the same as me, he sees holes in all these fighters. So he had already chosen Jared Cannonier in advance because he is looking for easy fights. I also know why he does it. On the other hand, I am a dynamic fighter, especially now when I'm in a new gym I'm laser focused and it's only a matter of time before I get a chance.

Hall on UFC

"Still, I'll play a card where I can beat anyone I need to get to the title or I'll beat anyone the UFC thinks they have to cross over to the top me, ”Hall uttered the aforementioned criticism in a media interview ahead of Saturday’s UFC performance.

The 36-year-old Hall is currently on a two-win streak and is in tenth place in the challenger rankings. He accepted the fight against Silva because of his name, but also because of his desire to perform for the first time since September last year.

But after that fight, he is only interested in what can bring him closer to achieving the goal. "The UFC has its way of working. If you do a good job, talk a little shit, and then you break a guy's ass, then you're someone.

I came to do what my job is. I know what my job is and what I'm going to do this time. And for sure I will not wait for them to make every decision for me I will take the opportunity I have in front of me." "After that I look towards a fight that can take me to the Top 5.

Anyone from the Top 5 is a good opponent for me My ultimate goal is to fight the champions .Become a champion, "he explained his intentions.