Chris Weidman wants to recover before he enters the ring

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Chris Weidman wants to recover before he enters the ring

Before Khamzat Chimaev arranged a fight against Leon Edwards, there was a lot of information about fighters who allegedly refused to meet in the Octagon with a new UFC star from Sweden One of the fighters mentioned in this context was Chris Weidman.

But he says it is not true that he refused the fight. In fact, it was offered to him, he accepted it, but the UFC and the undefeated opponent did not like the earliest term Weidman cited. In an interview with Submission Radio, Weidman revealed what actually happened and why the fight against Chimaev did not take place.

As he says, the problem was in the term for which he would be ready. "They offered me Chiameva and I agreed. I became very excited about that fight, but then I told myself I should think I had a rib injury. If you've ever had one, you know how much it actually bothers you."

The injury seemed serious and he had to watch out for it so as not to worsen his condition and jeopardize his career. "You have to be extremely careful that you don't make the injury worse.I currently have to keep an eye on it in training and I can't do everything I need to.I told them afterwards that I'm ready for everything, but from mid-January.I added that I really really want that fight, precisely because everyone they act like they’re scared."

Weidman on his defeats

"Ialways wanted to fight only the best.If it’s as good as everyone says, let’s see it.I personally can’t imagine anyone tearing me down.None of my defeats was my opponent’s dominant victory."

"It was all blows out of nowhere, in the fights where I led, all but the fight against Reyes. So I can't imagine anyone being dominant against me. But now I see that he has contracted a fight against the third-placed welterweight," Weidman said, revealing like this Khamzatov and the struggle changes the whole situation.

"If he loses to Edwards, my interest will probably wane. Especially since he doesn't have any ratio nor is he an experienced fighter. The only reason I would accept that fight is because he has so much hype around him and a lot of people believe he's damn good.

But , if he loses to Edwards, he will be exposed and what sense does that fight make for me? Of course, if Chimaev were to defeat “Rocky,” he would automatically become a candidate for a welterweight challenger and would probably not return to the middleweight division at that point. So Chris is already slowly looking towards other exams.