Grant Dawson: Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler will not fight


Grant Dawson: Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler will not fight

There is a lot of talk about the fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. However, Grant Dawson is not too optimistic that it will happen. “I’m telling you right now that the Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor fight is not going to happen,” Dawson told MMA Junkie.

“That is not happening. I would be shocked if that fight happens this year or at all”. His stance with the U.S. The Anti-Doping Agency could be the reason why the Irishman will not return. “Man, he’s not in the testing pool,” Dawson continued.

“He has to be in the testing pool for six months”.

UFC exceptions

The UFC used to make exceptions. Many remember that Brock Lesnar avoided such a thing. However, this great UFC fighter believes that this time it will not be like that and that things are completely different than then.

“That’s a little bit different,” Dawson said. “USADA was a lot newer. A lot of people have their eyes on it right now. A lot of people are going to be saying, ‘Hey, he needs to be in the testing pool.’ That’s the whole talk." Dawson believes that no one can avoid such things, and that the rules must be followed.

“He’s not going to be in the testing pool. He thought he could go the Brock Lesnar way, and he’s realizing he can’t. He was at bareknuckle (BKFC 41 event). Did you see him at bareknuckle pulling that stunt? That was a stunt.

He’s trying to get past the rules, and it’s not going to happen. USADA is not going to budge on their decision. It’s going to be six months, and that fight is not happening this year. I don’t think that fight is ever happening because Conor doesn’t want to be in the testing pool, if you know what I mean”.

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