Johnny Walker Clinches Victory with Maturing Performance Against Anthony Smith

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Johnny Walker Clinches Victory with Maturing Performance Against Anthony Smith
Johnny Walker Clinches Victory with Maturing Performance Against Anthony Smith (Provided by Sport World News)

Johnny Walker secured a resounding victory over Anthony Smith last Saturday, leaving fans with mixed feelings despite the undeniable success. Recognizing the potency of his "low kick" technique, Walker expertly utilized it to almost dismantle his opponent, opting for a cautious approach that minimized unnecessary risks.

Walker's Tactical Approach Surprises UFC President

Walker's recent performance marked a departure from his previous outings in the UFC, displaying a newfound maturity that did not go unnoticed by Dana White, the President of the UFC.

However, White expressed surprise at another aspect of Walker's performance—his failure to call out any potential future opponents—during the post-fight interview in the octagon: "Walker didn't really wow anybody tonight, but he won," White commented at the UFC Charlotte post-fight press conference. "He was placed in the co-main event to showcase his skills.

While he emerged victorious, I suppose that's a positive outcome." Speaking further, White acknowledged the formidable nature of Smith as an opponent, stating, “Obviously he’s in there with a very durable, tough guy and a dangerous guy in Smith.

But Smith got dropped, was hurt in the first round, and then his leg was gone, and Johnny never went for the finish. Never tried to finish the fight. Just tried to fight safe and get the win”. Despite the absence of any call-outs from Walker following his triumph, White reiterated the significance of his victory, affirming, "Walker didn't specifically target any opponents tonight, but he triumphed.

As the co-headliner, he showcased his skills, and ultimately, securing the win is paramount."

Smith Contemplates Retirement Following Defeat

After his defeat, Smith removed his gloves, prompting speculation about a potential retirement.

Dana White addressed this subject, expressing his initial belief that Smith might indeed hang up his gloves: "I thought he was going to retire, too," White admitted. "I believe he mentioned to some individuals backstage that he needed time to consider his future." The future remains uncertain for Johnny Walker, and while his next opponent remains unknown, a fervent buzz among fans has emerged, suggesting a potential showdown between Walker and Rakić, promising to be a spectacle worthy of anticipation.