Michael Chandler's Thoughts on Conor McGregor's Possible No-Show

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Michael Chandler's Thoughts on Conor McGregor's Possible No-Show
Michael Chandler's Thoughts on Conor McGregor's Possible No-Show (Provided by Sport World News)

The upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter 31" will be a nail-biting experience for MMA fans around the world, as they are set to see Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor wrap up the multi-week taping that will air on May 30th.

Chandler and McGregor have been paired up as coaches on the show, and the finale is scheduled for August 15th.

Conor McGregor's Status Remains Unclear

With the conclusion of the show, Chandler is expected to fight, but there's one major obstacle in the way.

Conor McGregor has yet to re-enter the United States Anti-Doping Agency's (USADA) testing pool, and it remains unclear when the Irishman will return to the octagon. Despite being busy attending events and making headlines, McGregor's return to the cage is still up in the air.

Chandler Believes McGregor Will Return

Despite the uncertainty surrounding McGregor's return, Chandler remains confident that the fight will happen. "I think he’s coming back," Chandler told ESPN. "It sure would be a huge stain on his legacy, leading everybody down a road, making people think that he's coming back, and then chickening out at the very end and only doing it for the publicity.

That, to me, screams insecurity, and he's trying to stay relevant rather than seeing through your commitment."

McGregor's Return Depends on USADA's Stipulations

McGregor recently stated that he only needed two clean tests to be eligible to fight, but USADA stated that like everyone else, McGregor would have to wait six months and provide clean tests.

Chandler, however, is willing to go along with whatever exception is made for McGregor. "I could see it very well being just two clean tests," Chandler said. "I have no problem with it being two clean tests. If you do two clean tests, sounds to me like you're clean.

At this point, who am I to say what the stipulations are? I'm ready for him to be cleared or at least get that answer. At this point, we don't have an answer."

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