Kamaru Usman Finds Renewed Love for the Sport After UFC 286 Defeat

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Kamaru Usman Finds Renewed Love for the Sport After UFC 286 Defeat
Kamaru Usman Finds Renewed Love for the Sport After UFC 286 Defeat (Provided by Sport World News)

Kamaru Usman, once the reigning king of the welterweight division, faced a setback in his career with consecutive losses against Leon Edwards. The first defeat came at the UFC 278 event, where Edwards delivered a knockout blow to Usman.

The second loss occurred last month at the UFC 286 event in London, with Edwards emerging victorious in their third encounter.

The Aftermath of Defeat

Speculations about Usman's injuries and the "wear and tear" of his career circulated after the losses.

However, in his latest performance, he appeared to have lost some of his former dominance. Nevertheless, the former champion remains optimistic and insists that he has rediscovered his love for the sport. "It's almost like people were more upset that I lost than I was.

People were devastated," Usman said. "I know that I'm the best welterweight, for sure, in the division, I know that. But I'm just in the place where I'm loving the sport again, falling in love with the sport again. I've been training now and I just feel stronger.

I'm doing certain things, and I'm liking that process again... When I look back on my journey to becoming champion... it was the journey."

Rediscovering the Joy of the Journey

Usman recalls a time when he was in love with the process of training and becoming a champion.

He reminisces about his routine of driving to the gym with his daughter in the back seat of his car, training, and then spending time with her before putting her to bed. However, as he rose to the top, he was consumed by the demands of media appearances and traveling, leaving little time for his daughter.

"I'm loving the process right now and I'm loving falling in love with the sport again, to where, for me, I might just wanna pop out in the next couple months and beat somebody up again," Usman stated. "I'm really starting to feel that.

But it's on my own terms now."

A New Chapter Ahead

Although Usman fell short of defending his title for the sixth time against Edwards last summer, the future remains uncertain. In his second match against Edwards, he appeared weaker than in previous performances. It remains to be seen how he will fare against other top contenders in the division.

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