Nate Diaz Surrenders to Police on Second-Degree Assault Charges

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Nate Diaz Surrenders to Police on Second-Degree Assault Charges
Nate Diaz Surrenders to Police on Second-Degree Assault Charges (Provided by Sport World News)

The mixed martial arts community was shocked to hear of the recent altercation involving popular fighter, Nate Diaz. A video circulated on the internet last week showing Diaz strangling Rodney Petersen, a doppelganger of internet personality Logan Paul, with a guillotine and throwing him to the ground unconscious.

The incident resulted in an arrest warrant being issued for Diaz, who has been charged with second-degree assault.

Turning himself in

Diaz's attorney, Walter Becker, confirmed that the former UFC star had received word of the arrest warrant and had been in contact with court authorities in New Orleans.

Diaz voluntarily surrendered to the police yesterday and was released on bail, which was set at $10,000. Diaz's representative, Zach Rosenfield, confirmed that Diaz turned himself in to the police and stated, "We continue to look forward to presenting all the evidence and videos that show Nate was acting in self-defense."

Bail and Future Proceedings

Diaz was released after bail was paid and his lawyer, Rosenfield, expressed appreciation for the way they were treated by the New Orleans Police Department, the court, and their staff.

The exact cause of the street fight is still unknown, but it started with Diaz throwing a bottle at Chase DeMoore for unknown reasons and escalated into a mass fight in which Diaz choked Petersen. If proven guilty, Diaz could face a sentence of up to eight years in prison, but it is still necessary to wait for the court process to be completed.

As a backdrop to the current situation, it is worth mentioning that the altercation began at a boxing event last weekend when Diaz threw a bottle at Chase DeMoore for unknown reasons. The situation escalated on the street, leading to a mass fight, in which Diaz "choked" Rodney Peterson.

The exact cause of the event remains unknown. In a video posted to social media, Petersen stated, "I don't know what the hell I did to Nate Diaz. But I'm telling you what, I'm gonna knock him the f--- out when I know he's coming. You caught me off guard, dude. What did you think I was, Logan?"

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