Gilbert Burns Promises a Swift Victory Over Belal Muhammad at UFC 288


Gilbert Burns Promises a Swift Victory Over Belal Muhammad at UFC 288

The UFC is set to host a highly anticipated bout between two of its most skilled fighters, Gilbert Burns and Belal Muhammad, at the upcoming UFC 288 event. Despite the limited preparation time, both warriors have accepted the challenge and are eager to prove their mettle in the octagon.

The Next Challenger Emerges

The winner of the Burns vs. Muhammad fight has the potential to become the next challenger for the victor of the Edwards vs. Covington match, making this bout a crucial step towards the UFC title.

Burns is well aware of the stakes and is determined to make a statement in this high-stakes fight. In an interview with Submission Radio, he stated, "If I want to solidify myself as the No. 1 contender, I've got to take this guy out."

A Battle of Wills

Both fighters have requested a five-round bout, but Burns is confident that he will finish Muhammad before the full 25 minutes is up.

He declared, "I'm putting this guy away...there is no way he's going 25 minutes with me. I don’t care how many rounds it takes, but I’m putting this guy out of there. There is no way he’s going 25 minutes with me.

So that’s the main reason to go five rounds, just to put this guy out and get a finish”. Burns' confidence is rooted in his recent training and preparation, as he explained: “He didn’t even ask for 175.

He asked for 185,” Burns said. “And like I said, I changed a lot of habits. I used to go up to 200, 205 after camp. Now I’m staying 187, 188 walking around. And this guy now wants to go middleweight? Like, I get it.

You’re Muslim, you do your Ramadan, but at the same time, I don’t care. I’m not Muslim. You do whatever you want. I respect it. It’s not that I’m talking sh*t. You do whatever you have to do. But (don’t) ask for an excuse, ‘Oh, let me.’ No, I don’t care.

“He was the first one that threw it out, ‘Oh, May 6 let’s fight.’ OK, let’s fight. ‘Oh, but I need.’ No, I’m not giving no favor to you. I’m not your friend. Like, if we’re friends, we’re going out, gonna do something, can you pay that for me? Yeah, you’re my friend.

I pay for you. You’re not my friend. We’re going to a war. Why should I help you and give you anything? I don’t care. If you cannot make weight, don’t say that you are ready”. However, Muhammad is not one to be underestimated.

He has a strong record in the octagon and has shown his determination to earn a title shot. The fight between Burns and Muhammad promises to be a battle of wills, with both fighters determined to come out on top.

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