Alexander Volkanovski on Yair Rodriguez: 'A Dangerous Fight Ahead'

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Alexander Volkanovski on Yair Rodriguez: 'A Dangerous Fight Ahead'
Alexander Volkanovski on Yair Rodriguez: 'A Dangerous Fight Ahead'

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to bring us an exciting fight for the featherweight title this summer at UFC 290. Champion Alexander Volkanovski returns to his home division after his unsuccessful attempt to become a two-time champion and faces the dangerous Yair Rodriguez.

Volkanovski Acknowledges the Threat Posed by Rodriguez

Although Alexander Volkanovski fell short in his recent fight against Islam Makhachev, he remains determined to make a comeback and challenge Makhachev once again. However, he is not letting his focus wander from the challenge posed by Yair Rodriguez.

In an interview with The MacLife, Volkanovski stated, "I’m looking at him as a real challenger, like he’s a dangerous fighter. He could be one of the most dangerous fighters I’ve fought really. When you talk about unpredictability and knockout power and so many different tools, you need to take him really serious.

I think I’m the best fighter in the world, so am I confident? Yeah, but I know not to take this guy lightly."

Volkanovski Praises Rodriguez's Improved Fighting Style

Volkanovski recognizes the improvements in Rodriguez's fighting style, saying, "He was very good with his flashy stuff, but that’s all he sort of cared about.

Now he looks like he’s a lot more comfortable at all ranges. He looks very unpredictable, when you’re pressuring him at a long range, no matter where it is, he can fire all different things from all different angles.

That’s always a big threat, so it’s good. That’s when the master game planning and the fight IQ and all that type of stuff needs to come in, and (I’m) looking forward to it because, again, that excites me." It is heartening to see that Volkanovski is not taking Rodriguez lightly and is preparing himself for a challenging fight.

Rodriguez poses a formidable threat to Volkanovski both on the feet and on the ground, making their upcoming fight one to look out for.

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