Curtis Blaydes Confident He is The Toughest Matchup for Jon Jones

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Curtis Blaydes Confident He is The Toughest Matchup for Jon Jones
Curtis Blaydes Confident He is The Toughest Matchup for Jon Jones (Provided by Sport World News)

Heavyweight fighter Curtis Blaydes is on a mission to reach the top of the UFC, and he is more confident than ever before. This weekend, the 32-year-old American will take on Sergei Pavlovich in the main event of UFC Fight Night 222, and if he emerges victorious, Blaydes has plans to wait for a shot at the title.

Undeniable Claim to the Belt

Blaydes has been a UFC fighter for seven years and has a record of 12 wins and just three losses. In his last eight appearances, he has won seven, proving himself to be a dominant force in the heavyweight division.

With his impressive record and years of success, there is no denying that Blaydes has a right to go after the belt.

Evaluating Jon Jones

The current best in the UFC heavyweight division is Jon Jones, who is considered by many to be the greatest fighter of all time.

Jones made his debut in the heavyweight division and quickly forced Cyril Gane to surrender in their fight for the belt. Blaydes spoke to MMA Fighting about Jones' recent performance, saying, “It was such a fast fight, the only thing I wanted to know would [Jon Jones] be able to bounce the way he does for a round or two rounds.

There wasn’t anything to really glean from that first exchange." Blaydes went on to say, “I have the size, I have the wrestling, I have the athleticism, I have the speed, I have the agility... I have all the things you need to match up with a talent like Jon Jones.

I would have to find a way to get in that zone type of range and I might have to use elbows, I might have to get in the clinch but I believe I could take him down. I believe once I take anyone down, the odds are in my favor”.

Stipe Miocic: A Tough Test for Jones

Jon Jones will defend his title against Stipe Miocic in November at a big event in New York. Blaydes spoke to MMA Fighting about why he thinks Miocic will be a difficult opponent for Jones. "I think if Jon wins, I think it will be a hard fight.

He’s not just going to take him down and hit him with a guillotine. Stipe’s a smart fighter. He knows how to blend the wrestling with the striking. I know Jon does that also. So he’s going to have to approach the fight with a different mindset," said Blaydes.

Blaydes, who has trained with Miocic in the past, spoke highly of the former UFC heavyweight champion and gave him a 50/50 chance of defeating Jones. However, Blaydes still believes he has the best chance of defeating Jones.

Focused on Sergei Pavlovich

Blaydes' immediate focus, however, is on his upcoming fight against Sergei Pavlovich. Pavlovich has knocked out his last five opponents in the first round, and his target this weekend is Blaydes' head. Blaydes will need a strong performance to prevent Pavlovich from achieving his goal.

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