Nate Diaz believes that Nurmagomedov still has one defeat

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Nate Diaz believes that Nurmagomedov still has one defeat

There are indeed a small number of those who did not bow to Khabib Nurmagomedov after he announced his MMA retirement. Many shed a tear, many felt proud as if he were one of them, and also a very large number of celebrities and strangers decided to say goodbye to the great fighter in the most beautiful way possible through social media.

Not Nate Diaz. After we received an unexpected reaction from Tony Ferguson (although it is rarely expected of him), a message in his style was sent to Khabib by Nate Diaz. “29-1,” Diaz only wrote, commenting on the 29-0 win-loss ratio by which Nurmagomedov concluded his fighting career.

Did Diaz want to provoke Nurmagomedov with this act and get some attention? Those who know the events a little better know what Nate is thinking since he has reminded them of it many times. It is an incident that happened on the first day of August 2015, at the WSOF 22 event The Diaz brothers and their team from the hall were there in support of teammate Jake Shields, who fought in the main fight against Rousimar Palhares.

Khabib and his Eagles team were there because his cousin Abubakar Nurmagomedov was fighting on the program. At one point, there was a push between the teams, and Nate’s version is that it all started with him slapping Khabib and none of his entourage reacting.

He called it his victory that way, although he is aware that this is far from a real victory that is achieved in the ring face to face There is some footage on the internet where we can see parts of the clash, such as when Nick Diaz hit Nurmagomedov with a beer.


As for Nate, such "victories" of his are not uncommon. He also claims that he defeated Dustin Poirier because he withdrew from their agreed fight due to injury. He also counts his ratio with Conor McGregor as 2-0.

It’s just Nate and his claims shouldn’t be taken seriously. Hardly anyone expected Khabib to retire like most. If that were the case, he wouldn’t be Nate Diaz Yet most UFC fans unlike Diaz welcome his departure and understand Nurmagomedov’s decision.

It was not at all uncommon for Nurmaged to continue his struggles after the death of his father Abdulmanap who was his coach but also a support throughout his career. The reason for his retirement is really for the pride of his mother and the whole family, and thus Nurmagomedov will really be someone who will be written in history.