Usman vs Masvidal and the reaction of the defeated

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Usman vs Masvidal and the reaction of the defeated

Saturday peaked one of the craziest weeks of the mixed martial arts of this amazing summer season, at UFC 251. An event born under a very bad star and that instead turned into an epic and in some ways historical event, also considering the circumstances in which came to life.

We are talking about Kamaru Usman against Jorge Masvidal. Two rivals for months waiting to be against each other, but who have done so with practically zero notice. The starting situation was the most uncomfortable possible: the positivity to the buffer of the challenger to the welterweight title Gilbert Burns, a few days after an extremely anticipated event.

UFC 251, in fact, that is the absolute debut of the Octagon on the beach of the "Fighting island", in Abu Dhabi. With the champion, however, he remained without warning without a contender on his belt. Hence the intuition of Dana White: to send against "The Nigerian Nightmare" Kamaru Usman the one who for months seemed ready to appear on his way.

Jorge Masvidal, in fact, one who on the UFC circuit may not be the most dangerous, or the most technical, but without a doubt he is one of the bravest. His decision to say yes, with less than a week to prepare for an at least improbable contest, against a champion and especially one who is not a champion by chance, was unprecedented.

Masvidal: the reasons for the defeat with Usman

Therefore, the confirmation of the title to Usman was almost obvious, with his rival who however showed no desire to give up: "I have no intention of making excuses, Usman was better than me.

In part I did not give him the credit that he deserved, in part he had a better preparation as a result of a more targeted training. But I kept up with him with only six days' notice, showing that it is not easy to get down.

I made many mistakes and I rightly lost. But I will do everything possible to come back to that man as soon as possible and beat him. I don't know if I will be able to do it later this year or early next year, but I want to get back in action and win. I will reason with my team to understand how to do it."