Dana White Confirms the Date and Venue for the Stipe Miocic vs. Jon Jones Fight

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Dana White Confirms the Date and Venue for the Stipe Miocic vs. Jon Jones Fight
Dana White Confirms the Date and Venue for the Stipe Miocic vs. Jon Jones Fight (Provided by Sport World News)

After his dominant debut in the heavyweight division, where he secured a first-round "submission" victory over Ciryl Gane, Jon Jones has set his sights on the biggest heavyweight in UFC history, Stipe Miocic. This dream match-up, pitting what many consider to be the best fighter ever against the biggest heavyweight in UFC history, has fans eagerly anticipating the showdown.

Jones Ready for a Clash with Miocic

Jones took to social media during Saturday's UFC on ESPN 44 event to express his readiness for a clash with Miocic. "How cool would it be to spend my retirement fight dominating the greatest heavyweight of all time, in my home state at Madison Square Garden?" Jones wrote on Twitter.

Fight Scheduled for November in New York

Although Stipe has been saying for several months that he wants to fight in July, the UFC has different plans.

Dana White, the UFC president, revealed at a post-fight news conference that the fight between Stipe and Jones is scheduled for November in New York, at Madison Square Garden. "As far as I know everything is good and hopefully we have a fight with him and Stipe very soon," White told MMA Junkie and other reporters. "That's where we'd like to do it."

Jones' Future in the UFC

During the press conference, White was asked about Jones' future in the UFC.

He made sure to set the record straight, stating that recent coverage of Jones had been blown out of proportion. "That was totally blown out of proportion," White said. "This is what you guys do. I say something, you blow it way out of proportion.

I said all the built up and lead up to that fight, all this Jon Jones (coverage), then poof, he's just gone.’ Then I don't know what Stipe said, then it turns into f*cking drama. There's no drama here." He then added that Jones was not gone but was getting ready for the biggest fight of his career.

"So I guess Jon's back, huh? He doesn't disappear anymore," White said. "It's so fcking easy to create drama in this sport, it's fcking insane." Stipe's previous statement that Jones had run away and was not reporting for the fight was referred to by White. However, the good news is that Jones is still preparing for the fight and has not gone anywhere.

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