Jorge Masvidal Reacts to Burns' Cheating Accusations, Burns Apologizes


Jorge Masvidal Reacts to Burns' Cheating Accusations, Burns Apologizes

Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal put on a highly anticipated show at the UFC 287 event. After five grueling rounds, Burns emerged victorious with a unanimous decision from the judges. However, the fight was not without controversy as Burns raised eyebrows with a post-fight statement accusing Masvidal of using lotion to make his skin slippery.

The Sweatiest Motherf***er He Knows

Masvidal was not pleased with Burns' allegations, and during an appearance on The MMA Hour, he vehemently denied any wrongdoing. "Maybe I'm the sweatiest motherfer he knows, but I've never greased.

I've never put on anything in my life for forever. I've never done that in my life. Maybe he should blame his technique for being f*** sh***y, not being able to do anything but just hold on the ground," Masvidal stated.

An Apology to Jorge Masvidal

After some reflection, Burns took to social media to publicly apologize to Masvidal for his accusations.

"I just would like to take the moment to apologize to Jorge ‘Gambred’ Masvidal and his team. The things that I said after the fight, on the press conference in the UFC 287. I said that he passed lotion and this and that, and I said it too much, and I cannot prove that.

And I would like to send my apologies to Jorge and his team. I hope he accepts my apologies. And I think what I did was wrong. I have no proof that he did that and I wanna take nothing away from him. The guy is a warrior, 52 pro fights.

I hope he has a good retirement and I hope he accepts my apology." The UFC 287 event was a display of pure athleticism and sportsmanship. Despite the post-fight controversy, both Burns and Masvidal showed mutual respect and admiration for one another.

Burns' apology was a commendable gesture, and Masvidal can retire with his head held high, having never been caught cheating. In the end, Burns got the win, and the sport of mixed martial arts was the real winner.

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