Alex Pereira reacted to Israel Adesanya mocking his child


Alex Pereira reacted to Israel Adesanya mocking his child

Israel Adesanya surprised many with his move after he knocked out Alex Pereira. Namely, Adesanya pointed his finger at Pereira's son before flopping to the mat. Adesanya revealed that he did this as Pereira's son did the same when Pereira achieved a kickboxing victory over Adesanya.

Alex Pereira decided to react to this move by the Nigerian: “Honestly, I wouldn’t do the same,” Pereira said, as quoted by “I can play with him like I’ve always played. I’ve teased him, but I don’t know, he’s another child.

I don’t know what his feelings were. He was enduring this for seven years and I saw his joy after the knockout. That was his dream. That was his dream and he made it, but we’re comparing him with a child who was 5 years old at the time, right?"

Alex Pereira on his son

Pereira revealed that his son wanted to do the same when Pereira won against Israel in the previous match.

However, Alex didn't let him do it. The Brazilian thinks it's funny to react to the moves of a child. “I don’t have that mind. I can prove it because today he’s 12 years old and before the fight I saw that he was being influenced by other people, sometimes he even participated in some interviews and some reporters asked [my son], ‘Are you going to do this again?’ and he laughed.

He’s a kid and he thinks it’s funny. I knocked him out [at UFC 281], I won the belt, and my kid wanted to do the same thing up there. I told him, ‘No, stop, don’t do it. Stay here, don’t do anything.’ I’m a conscious guy about everything I’m saying here, and I wouldn’t do it.

If he did it and felt better that way, ok, it’s a relief he had. And if he thinks it’s better for him, ok, that won’t change anything for me”.

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