Gilbert Burns Demands a Shot at the Welterweight Title After UFC 287 Victory

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Gilbert Burns Demands a Shot at the Welterweight Title After UFC 287 Victory
Gilbert Burns Demands a Shot at the Welterweight Title After UFC 287 Victory (Provided by Sport World News)

The UFC 287 event saw Gilbert Burns emerge as the victor in a unanimous decision over Jorge Masvidal in what marked the latter's farewell to the sport after over two decades of competition. However, the fight was not just a celebration of Burns' triumph but also a declaration of his intentions to pursue the welterweight title.

A Declaration of Intentions

Before the match, both fighters had made it clear that in case of victory, they would aim for the title. Despite not securing a finish, Burns emerged victorious and used the post-fight press conference to issue an ultimatum to the UFC.

"I think it’s almost a done deal Leon (Edwards) and Colby (Covington) in London, if I’m not wrong," Burns stated. "It’s almost a done deal, it’s just small details. I want to be a backup. I’m going to.

I’m not asking. I’m demanding that I am going to because whenever they ask anytime the UFC calls asking for opponent, I say yes." Burns, who has already fought twice this year, made it clear that he wasn't willing to take just any fight to stay active.

Instead, he has set his sights on another shot at the welterweight title and issued a demand to the UFC to prepare for a five-round training camp in London, with the understanding that he will be next in line to fight for the title.

“Now I’m demanding that I’m going to do my training camp for five rounds, I go to London, and I’m next in line to fight for the title,” Burns said. “Otherwise, let me go, let me do my thing.

These guys asking a million in other organizations you know. That’s it, I’m a backup for the next title fight, and I’m fighting for the title next”.

A Response from the UFC President

While UFC President Dana White has stated that Covington is next for Edwards' second title defense, there has been no official announcement regarding the date or location of the potential fight.

However, when asked about Burns' demands, White had a positive response. "I love that," White said. "Yeah, why not? You got a deal." It seems like Burns will indeed get what he wants, but he remains aware that he didn't manage to "steal" Colby's title shot this Saturday.

He will now have to wait and see what happens between Covington and Edwards, with the fight set to be officially announced in due time.

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