Kevin Holland was in a dilemma before the match: Should I even be f*cking fighting?

“To knock him out was pretty cool,”- Holland said after the match

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Holland was in a dilemma before the match: Should I even be f*cking fighting?

Kevin Holland managed to score a great victory on Saturday after landing a knockout blow on Santiago Ponzinibbio. Holland spoke at the press conference after the match about how he feels and about his impressions after everything.

This great UFC fighter is satisfied with the whole sequence of events. However, Holland had big dilemmas before the match. “To knock him out was pretty cool,” Holland told MMA Junkie and reporters after the match.

“I didn’t go in there with intentions to hit him with the right hand. We actually threw the right hand in the back, and it was my first time putting on little gloves. I hit the pad and I was like, ‘Damn, that sh*t hurts.’ To remind you, I did break it.

That didn’t feel good." His mother told him he shouldn't fight. However, he did not listen to her. “I actually messaged my mom right before I went out there like, ‘Man, should I even be f*cking fighting?’ She’s like, ‘I told you to stay home.’ I’m glad I didn’t listen to mom this time”.

Kevin Holland and gloves

During his training sessions, Holland used gloves that were different from those he used in the UFC. The player was forced to use standard ones during the match, which caused him to feel uncomfortable.

In spite of this, he was able to demonstrate his full strength and quality to the audience. "I thought it was great until I put those little gloves on,” Holland said. “Then, it didn’t feel too good. I think I need a couple more months of smart recovery and stuff like that before I jump back inside the cage.

Fighting International Fight Week probably wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, but sh*t, I’d probably fight in a month if it was Michael Chiesa”.

Kevin Holland