WWE and UFC? Dana White from sensational updates

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WWE and UFC? Dana White from sensational updates
WWE and UFC? Dana White from sensational updates (Provided by Sport World News)

WWE has been officially sold to Endeavor, a company that already owns the UFC, the number one MMA federation in the world, with Ari Emanuel's company which will now also hold 51% of the McMahon family's WWE shares , thus becoming its official owner.

Among the fans of the Stamford company, the moment has now begun for fantasy and pindaric flights on how UFC and WWE athletes could mix, going to create incredible shows, which before only a console or a video game could have created.

The CEO of the UFC, Dana White, also came to talk about this possibility, who wanted to talk about the very high improbability of this happening, given the completely different nature of the two shows offered by the federations now held by Endeavor.

In his latest interview released to the microphones of AP News, Dana White stated: "Now you have the power of the WWE fanbase. You have the power of the UFC fan base. You have the power to go viral. We can reach all of these people in different ways.

There are tons of resources now. The difference between UFC and WWE is that if you look at WWE, they have great entertainment value and they have all these guys who are incredible athletes doing their thing at their best. But we all know that everything is predetermined.

If we look at the UFC instead, this is as real as it looks. This is our brand. There can never be any crossover possible."

WWE fans and the war against Vince McMahon

After the announcement of the acquisition of WWE by the Endeavor company, a company that already manages Dana White's UFC, fans flocked to social media to ask for Vince McMahon's dismissal by the new owner of the Stamford company.

Also at Nxt, in the last weekly episode, we heard a chorus from the fans, who sang the screams Fire Vince. Even during the live broadcast of the federation's secondary program, WWE The Bump, several fans began to scream through the program's chat, all their hatred towards the Chairman with dozens and dozens of messages relating to the Chairman's dismissal that were sent on stage on the event chat.

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