Jorge Masvidal Challenges Covington's Brain Injury Claims Ahead of Title Fight

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Jorge Masvidal Challenges Covington's Brain Injury Claims Ahead of Title Fight
Jorge Masvidal Challenges Covington's Brain Injury Claims Ahead of Title Fight (Provided by Sport World News)

It has been over a year since Jorge Masvidal's physical altercation with Colby Covington outside a Miami restaurant. The altercation resulted in Covington losing a tooth, sustaining several punches to the head, and reporting damage to his Rolex watch.

The two fighters are still in the midst of a legal battle, with Masvidal facing three felony charges for the attack. Covington, who has accused Masvidal of causing brain injuries from the punches, has recently been announced as the next challenger for the UFC welterweight title.

This announcement has sparked questions from Masvidal about the validity of Covington's brain injury claims. "I currently have three felonies because this btch Colby says I gave him a brain injury, so how the fck is he going to fight for any title, is what I want to know," Masvidal stated at a UFC 287 pre-fight news conference. "The UFC is going to get sued if that guy goes in there and something like that happens.

Because supposedly, allegedly because I didn’t do sht, he says I gave him a brain injury. I didn’t do sht to him." Jorge and his legal team are expected to argue several points in their defense, although the details of the court process are currently unknown.

Attention-Seeking Behavior and Restraining Orders

In addition to the legal battle, Masvidal and Covington's ongoing feud continues to escalate. Covington is expected to attend this week's event in Miami, to which Masvidal responded, "Of course, he’s an attention-seeking-ass whore.

He’s going to be there. From 100 feet away and 20 security guards, he’s going to be saying all types of crazy-ass sht, that he’s the king of this and that. He’s only the king of calling cops and scking c*ck." Masvidal has also revealed that he is currently under a restraining order from Covington, stating, "All I know is he has a restraining order on me.

I have to stay 100 feet away from this individual. I don’t even know why he would even put such a thing on me, because I’m just the coolest guy. My mind is still blown as to why he has a restraining order on me and then he’s claiming he’s the kind of I don’t know what.

Whatever." The ongoing feud between Masvidal and Covington shows no signs of slowing down, as both fighters continue to trade insults and make allegations against each other. The outcome of their legal battle, as well as the highly anticipated welterweight title fight, remains to be seen.

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