Sean O'Malley gives predictions for Adesanya vs Pereira fight


Sean O'Malley gives predictions for Adesanya vs Pereira fight

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira will have an exciting fight in which Adesanya will have more motivation to revenge the previous defeat. Adesanya has lost two times to Pereira in kickboxing and Sean O'Malley believes that the time has come for Adesanya to show him what he is capable of, and to finally achieve victory over Pereira.

As a result, O'Malley believes that it is difficult to predict what will happen because there are so many factors at play. “Let’s get it, Izzy. Finish, baby,” O’Malley said on his TimboSugarShow, as quoted by “I think he’s going to come out and wrestle.

I feel like he’s going to come out, he’s got a couple maybe good takedowns — come out, wrestle, put him on his back, really get him thinking. Maybe [Pereira] won’t be able to march forward as much. Who knows? You never f****** know.

Some people have really good little things that they show in the gym that’s never really been done in a fight. They’re really good at it in the gym. They hit it a lot, but they’ve never done it in a fight — and then boom, they pull it out”.

Sean O'Malley and his predictions

O'Malley emphasized that the weight cut will play an important role. In order for Adesanya to succeed, he will have to make the most of this opportunity. “How much weight is [Pereira] cutting? Izzy really doesn’t have to land clean too many times if he’s cutting that much weight,” O’Malley said.

“If that motherf***** is cutting 20 pounds, 25 pounds fight week, your chin goes, your brain fluid [goes]”. What we can certainly expect is an interesting fight between two top fighters who will give their maximum at every moment. If Izzy wants to finally win over Pereira, he will need to put more effort into the match this time around.

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