Glover Teixeira on the match Pereira vs Adesanya: Pereira needs to be more alert


Glover Teixeira on the match Pereira vs Adesanya: Pereira needs to be more alert

Glover Teixeira talked about Alex Pereira's chances in the next fight against Israel Adesanya. Teixeira believes that Pereira has to be very careful with the speed that Adesanya possesses. “He knows the way we won the last fight – he waited too much to pull the trigger,” Teixeira told MMA Junkie. “He just needs to be more alert in this fight, because Izzy, he’s fast.

He moves a lot, and that’s what we’ve been working on. Be alert, be focused and when the opportunity comes, just take the fight to finish. He is a finisher. He can finish a fight at any given second." 'Izzy' is one of the best fighters in the UFC, and his experience can be an important factor in this match.

Teixeira is also aware of this. “He’s a powerhouse. The guy hits so hard and he’s just got to pressure more and get it done, like he did in the fifth round. Of course, he knows not to just go crazy and try to finish the fight in the first round.

But be more alert”.

Glover Teixeira and Alex Pereira

Teixeira believes that Pereira can compete in different categories and that he has the quality for much bigger goals. “Eventually he will,Teixeira said.

“We talk about it. He can fight anywhere. Look at this guy. He can fight in any division. He can fight in heavyweight, light heavyweight – he’s big. Eventually I think he’s going to want to do that because the weight cut is a big cut for him.

He doesn’t complain. He just keeps going and doing it well, because he likes to be 185, and he felt good. But he can do 205 for sure and eventually it might happen because if he goes up, there are super fights, big fights. I think it’s a possibility."

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