Christian Lee discovered a way to fight Nurmagomedov

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Christian Lee discovered a way to fight Nurmagomedov

22-year-old Christian Lee is a big star of the ONE Championship. In fact, the Lee family is a kind of trademark of that promotion, as his sister Angela became famous first, and then he too, with a particularly surprising victory over Shiny Aoki from May last year.

He then took the title, and confirmed it with a victory in the Grand Prix final of the tournament against Saygid Arslanaliev. The young champion thus became a famous name in the MMA world. As a lightweight fighter, of course he follows everything that happens in other promotions, primarily in the UFC.

He is not even close to coming to the biggest promotion in the world at the moment, since they can't offer him what ONE can at the moment, and he has already built his name and star status in the Asian market. But no one is stopping him from dreaming about a possible fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov and how he would oppose him.

"One man who is doing very well and against whom I would like to fight one day is Khabib Nurmagomedov. He is undefeated in his professional career and he beat everyone he needed. I believe he is currently the world number 1 fighter and I would be honored to do one day ‘superfight’, the UFC vs.

ONE, ”Lee told the media in Singapore.

Lee on his tactics

Although he is still a relatively inexperienced fighter whose best days are yet to come, Lee believes he knows what the approach and strategy in the fight against Khabib should be.

He saw something that all his opponents were doing, and they should actually focus on other things. "I think the biggest problem for other fighters is that they worry too much about what Khabib will do. Everyone is focused on not knocking them down.

Rarely does anyone think enough about how to win. My plan would be simple. Get him out of rhythm with punches, defend his demolition and even eventually knock him down." "The plan would definitely be to hit him before he hits me.Once you let him do what he does best, everything is still a steep slope for you.The key to victory over Khabib is to hit him first and then keep hitting him until your hand ends up in the air, ”he predicted.

Christian Lee (13-3) will defend his title next Friday, when he is defeated by the undefeated Moldavian, Yuri Lapicus (14-0) at the ONE event.