Conor McGregor reveals his goals in 2023

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Conor McGregor reveals his goals in 2023

In a conversation with Ariel Helwani, Conor Mcgregor talked about his plans for 2023. His wish is to hold two fights this year, but also to be more consistent. “For sure [the goal is two fights in 2023], I can see it moving pretty fast when it moves,” McGregor told host Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, as quoted by “We’re gearing up and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and all, but I feel it will move fast.

There’s no issue why it shouldn’t move fast. So I assume late summer [for Chandler], maybe a little bit later depending — I would like that. And then of course, that’s still half the year left. I wish for consistency.

I’m working for consistency. Like I said before, I’ve had this on-off thing for a couple of years and it’s been frustrating, but be it for different reasons. But I’d like to just get past that and just get into this consistency bracket.

And I feel I will, I feel I can, and I’m excited for it”.

Conor McGregor and his injury

The left leg injury he suffered in the match with Dustin Poirier caused doubts for McGregor. He could not know with certainty whether he would return and whether even if he did return, he could be the old one.

“At the time, I thought, ‘You know, maybe I won’t be able to do this again.’ For sure, that was in my thoughts. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’re willing, you’re able.

You’ve only got to look at guys like the other ‘Notorious’ in the sport, the only other ‘Notorious’ in the sport is a guy, ‘Notorious’ Nick Newell, with no hand. There’s a way.

If you’re with disabilities or something that’s wrong, you can find a way to compete. Look at, there’s another guy, Zion Clark, a wrestling champion — he’s got no lower half of his body. I saw him at the event, he had his MMA debut just recently, won, but I see him walk on his hands.

I’m never stopping this. I’m continuing. I would wheel out into that octagon and execute into the open guard if I couldn’t brace on the leg. That was in my thoughts, that was my thoughts."
The Irishman is happy for the medical staff, surgeons, and others who helped him.

He hopes that he will show his full glory in the next matches. “So thank God, my surgeons, the doctors, the UFC care that I had, and all the help that I got, I was able to recover from it. And I’ve got the power in the leg, I’ve able to brace on it, I’m able to kick with it.

I’m kicking hard, I’m kicking fast. And you best believe I’m looking to take this guy out with the steel bar on my leg, for sure”.

Conor Mcgregor