Chamizo vs Dake: the match of the year

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Chamizo vs Dake: the match of the year

Frank Chamizo against Kyle Dake. It will finally be done. The big challenge that all fans have been waiting for will be staged on July 25th at the Omni Hotel in Austin, Texas. This is the event of the year, the "match of the year", one of the most interesting encounters on the world scene between two idols of the free style fight who will face each other for the first time thanks to the maxi event organized by FloWrestling, which already in the 2018 had made possible the meeting of the century between Frank and Jordan Burroughs during Beat the Street in New York.

On one side the blue Olympic bronze in Rio 2016, already 2 times world champion and 4 European, on the other the American two times world champion: for the occasion Chamizo will rise in category, fighting in the 79 kg in which Dake it is king.

There are no official titles or prizes to be won, but that glory does. For Frank it would mean proving, for the umpteenth time, to be the best ever: after the various successes in three different categories (65, 70, 74 kg), beating Kyle would open the doors of the royal suite of the Grande Hotel of Olympus, because the doors have already been broken through for some time.

Chimizo told: “Everyone fears me, Dake first. I know what his weaknesses are and my mission is not simply to beat him, but to bring the fight to the top and open the way for young people who dream of a future in this sport."

July 25th will be a great fight night, visible in live streaming on FloWrestling, as the program also includes David Taylor vs Pat Downey and Anthony Ashnault vs Luke Pletcher. Chamizo also said: "Yes. Everyone fears me, not just Dake.

For those who do is at high levels I am an athlete to be afraid of because I have a very particular and unpredictable way of fighting. Then, you know, the messages aimed at him and everything around us is part of the game. The psychological factor also does its job in this field."

Usman vs Masdival

At face-to-face with Diaz he presented himself in a white suit and a red shirt with a collar, in January for McGregor's return he was at the edge of the ring in a black and gold Versace bathrobe. His is a movie life.

Son of a Peruvian girl and a Cuban exile who ended up in bad spins once he landed in Florida, he came up in the worst Miami, capitalizing on the experience of street fights becoming a professional street fighter. His clandestine meetings are still circulating on the net with bare hands in the suburban parking lots or in the gardens.

Then professionalism: boxing, kickboxing and then the landing at MMA. They have been tense stories with Usman for some time. The two met on the Super Bowl media day and had to physically separate them, between threats and bad words.

Basically Usman accuses Masvidal of being one appearance and no substance, Masvidal accuses Usman of avoiding him. This is not the case: if the two agreed to fight on such short notice, thus renouncing an ad hoc tactical preparation. Meanwhile Masvidal has passed the anti-Covid tests. Waiting for the match, keep an eye on face to face.