Francis Ngannou reacts to a call out by Jon Jones


Francis Ngannou reacts to a call out by Jon Jones

Francis Ngannou has responded to all the frequent callouts by Jon Jones regarding Ngannou and 'his intentional exit from the UFC, to avoid a fight with Jones' “It’s almost three years now that I’ve been trying to fight Jon Jones,” Ngannou told ESPN.

“After I fought [Jairzinho] Rozenstruik during the pandemic, I think we even went on social media for a little bit, and that fight never happened, or the promise or the attempt. Even the promise for the winner between Stipe [Miocic] and I [after UFC 260] that’s supposed to fight Jon Jones, but it never happened.

So I did everything to have that fight. It didn’t just happen, but at the end I felt like that was the bargain [chip for the UFC] to keep me, maybe [to convince me to] do something that I don’t want just because I want that fight.

Yes, I wanted that fight, but not at any cost”. - Ngannou said, as quoted by

Francis Ngannou on Jon Jones

Francis emphasized that he tried several times to arrange a fight with Jon Jones. He is not afraid of him and is ready to face him at any moment.

However, Ngannou currently has other plans. “We know Jon Jones with his drama. I think that Jon is being dramatic,” Ngannou said. “He’s been out for how long? Three years and something? And I’ve been calling him [out].

I remember even after I fought Stipe, Dana said if he watched that fight, he should move down to 185. But I don’t take that seriously. There is not a fight on Earth that I would back down from. I don’t care. I go there and whatever happens, happens.

It’s the sport. And definitely Jon Jones is not that guy. He might be the best fighter ever, but he’s not the guy that I’m running away from. No, not him. I would fight Jon Jones twice a month”.

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