Jon Jones after the win: Now I'm completely focused on Stipe Miocic

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Jon Jones after the win: Now I'm completely focused on Stipe Miocic

In spite of the fact that Jon Jones has been absent from the UFC for a very long time, he once again proved to the world that he is the GOAT. He was successful in submitting Cyril Gane last night, resulting in a victory for him.

There was already some talk about Jones' next fight during the pre-conference, and he is even more motivated than he has been so far for that fight. “I believe in my next fight, I’ll go into it with a different level of confidence, an even higher level of confidence,” Jones told MMA Junkie on the press conference. “I believe that I’m going to look really great.

I’m going to have even higher endurance than I had today, which is going to be hard to beat, because I’m in really great condition. … The next fight is going to be awesome."

Stipe Miocic

There is a high probability that Jones will fight Stipe Miocic in the future, and he believes that this would be a real challenge for him.

In order to make the best use of his time, he put all of his attention on him, and is impatiently waiting for his reaction. “I say it respectfully to Stipe: I would take time off from being a firefighter right now. I mean that with all due respect.

My whole world is going to be focused on him. This is the biggest opportunity in my life, to be the heavyweight GOAT, and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got – absolutely everything I’ve got. Stipe is talking about how he’s heavier than me right now.

His head is already in the wrong spot if he thinks weightlifting is going to beat me. He’ll never be younger than he is right now. He’ll never be faster. I’m going to not only beat Stipe Miocic, I’m going to finish Stipe Miocic before the championship rounds”.

Jon Jones