Cyril Gane's coach explains Gane's statements that he is 'lazy'

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Cyril Gane's coach explains Gane's statements that he is 'lazy'

Cyril Gane spoke a few days ago about the match with Francis Ngannou and the fact that he does not train enough for such matches. Gane revealed that he is very lazy and that he uses the last moments to train. His head coach, Fernand Lopez, explained Gane's statements and revealed that things are different now.

“What I want to clarify is that, he said on that sentence, ‘That’s something that I regret.’ I’ve been [saying in the past], Ciryl is a lazy guy,” Lopez told MMA Fighting. “But now I’m saying that Ciryl was a lazy guy.

After the fight with Francis, we went back straight away to the training and we started training after the fight against Derrick Lewis, he got hurt on the hand. But as soon as the doctor gave the authorization to start training, we started the camp with him.

Matter of fact, when we went to [Nassourdine Imavov’s] fight in Vegas, we brought a guy with us who is one of the best grapplers we’ve ever had in France. Why did we [bring] this guy out with us in Vegas? That was only because I needed someone to come with us to keep training Ciryl all the time”.

Cyril Gane's statements

Let's remind, Gane talked about his preparations for matches a few days ago; “I love grappling, but unfortunately, I’m lazy — that’s the truth,” Gane said. “I only train when a fight is announced.

I have a lot of media obligations. Professional opportunities outside of the sport. You can’t say no to all these things. I also have to give time to my family, rest well. If I look back at my career, this a regret: I only train when a fight is announced.

I had my fight against [Tai Tuivasa], barely trained since then, and now I’m back at it since the Jones fight has been announced”.