Jon Jones: If anyone should be criticized, it’s Francis Ngannou

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Jon Jones: If anyone should be criticized, it’s Francis Ngannou

The match between Jon Jones and Cyril Gane attracts a lot of attention. Many are eagerly awaiting the return of Jones, and hope that he can be as good as before. Some fans also wanted to see Jones and Ngannou in the Octagon, but that will not happen since Ngannou has terminated his contract with the UFC.

Jones believes that Ngannou is the culprit in the whole story. Jon Jones had a huge desire to fight him. “I don’t think I deserve any criticism,” Jones told RMC Sport, as quoted by “I’m here.

I’m here. Francis had the opportunity to face me and he opted out of the opportunity. If anyone should be criticized, it’s Francis Ngannou. If I’m correct, he was offered the biggest contract in heavyweight history.

He had the opportunity to be a guy to dethrone me. He didn’t believe in himself. Francis didn’t believe in himself. He wasn’t willing to gamble on himself”.

Jon Jones on Francis Ngannou

Jones especially feels bad for the fans.

The fans knew it would be the fight of the century. But UFC is such a sport that you can never predict what will happen. Francis Ngannou may try his hand at boxing, and he may take a completely different path. Jones is ready for his return and has no problem fighting him whenever he returns.

“I felt bad for the fans. I know that would have been a massive fight for the fans,” Jones said. “People from all around the world would have loved to see that event. And I’m not counting it out – I could see Francis going and fighting in boxing and doing whatever he’s going to do.

I think he’s always going to be welcome back to the UFC. That’s always going to be a big, big fight, and I’ll be ready for him”.

Jon Jones Francis Ngannou