Israel Adesanya coach: Adesanya needs a longer break before the match with Pereira

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Israel Adesanya coach: Adesanya needs a longer break before the match with Pereira

Israel Adesanya will fight against Aleix Periera, and this time he wants to achieve his goal. The fight will take place in April. Adesanya's coach believes that Israel still needs a longer recovery period after the operation, and the desire of the Nigerian is greater than anything else.

“If I had a choice, which I quite often don’t, then I would probably have waited longer just to give Israel a little bit more time between a stoppage like that and the next fight,” Bareman said, as quoted by “Even in an ideal world I would have done what they do in boxing.

I would have brought in a couple of guys for Israel to warm up on and then fight [Pereira]. In the UFC, we don’t have that choice and, quite frankly, Israel is 100 percent adamant that he must be the next person to fight Alex Pereira.

Beyond all doubt."

Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya was ready to do anything to face Alex Pereira. He will have a huge motive to make up for his defeat in the UFC, but also for his defeats in kick boxing. We expect an even bigger spectacle this time.

We already watched one of the most interesting fights before, and now the same thing should happen. “So much so that when they were talking about Pereira fighting—I can’t remember, it was for one particular card, I think they had no main event or they had someone pull out of a main event at the end of last year—so much so that when there was talk that Pereira was going to fight, Israel was like, ‘We’ll fight.’ Before Israel had his surgery and everything, Israel was prepared to take the fight on four to five weeks’ notice if Pereira was willing to take the fight”.