Alexander Volkanovski revealed what he said to Islam Makhachev during the match

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Alexander Volkanovski revealed what he said to Islam Makhachev during the match

Alexander Volkanovski failed to win against Islam Makhachev. The Australian tried in various ways to win. In many moments of the match, he said all kinds of things to Makhachev, and in the conversation after the match, he revealed what exactly it was; “It’s getting in his head,” Volkanovski said, as quoted by “Even when he had me, I’m going, ‘You’re not that strong.’ I was saying stuff like that, and he was going, ‘You’re just hanging on,’ and I would go, ‘You said 15 seconds, you’re going to drag me to deep waters.’ That type of stuff, I remember that stuff as I go he was hanging on for dear life.

So it’s just stuff [like that]. Not being disrespectful, he’s still in a good position, so it’s up to me to get out of there, but I’m going to get in his head and just kept punching him in the head.

” Makhachev managed to score several takedowns, but Volkanovski held on well. “I guess a body lock is a dominant position, so the ref just kind of leaves him there, he was just hanging on and trying to hide his head,” Volkanovski said.

“[I was] just letting him know. Just like [telling him], ‘You’re trying to survive’ in certain position, that’s all I was saying”.

Alexander Volkanovski and self-confidence

Volkanovski has shown his confidence many times.

He felt that he was stronger during the entire match. “There was positions where I was like he’s not strong,” Volkanovski said. “I even said it in my corner, you’ll probably hear it, I’m going he’s not strong.

I’m not being a d***, I wasn’t being disrespectful, it was just like, he’s not strong. Maybe he’s waiting for me to do something so I didn’t capitalize on it straight away, which I should have and I really started realizing that later on.

I was like f***, I could have done more. It’s just funny. Everyone wanted to push this crazy narrative, I’m going to f****** run with it. Let you think he’s invincible but it just would have been so much of a better story if I won, right?”