Alexander Volkanovski reacts to Islam Makhachev's statements

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Alexander Volkanovski reacts to Islam Makhachev's statements
Alexander Volkanovski reacts to Islam Makhachev's statements (Provided by Sport World News)

Islam Makhachev will have the opportunity to defend his title in tomorrow's match against Alexander Volkanovski. In an interview with ESPN Deportes, Makachev revealed that he wants to finish the match with a knockout. His wish is to show them his versatility.

“Honestly, I want to knock him out, because everybody says (that) Islam a grappler or wrestler, but I want to show people my striking,” Makhachev said, as quoted by mmajunkie. “He is a short guy, and I really believe I can knock him out”.

Makhachev believes that this is not Volkanovski's 'area' However, he is aware of why the Australian wants this match. "This is not his area. I’m from other division. This is not the same power. It’s not the same, and he’s going to understand this, but he wants to try because he’s not losing.

If he loses, what is he going to lose? Just belt with him, but he wants to try to jump and make some good money, make some pay-per-view money, but this is not his area”.

Alexandar Volkanovski on Islam Makhachev

Alexander Volkanovski still believes that Makhachev will not go for the knockout.

“He’s a very calculated fighter,” Volkanovski said. "He doesn’t take unnecessary risks. Him coming looking for a knockout, that’s an unnecessary risk. He won’t be doing that”. Chandler recently said that Makhachev is brilliant at the basics.

Volkanovski reacts to it; “I don’t know about that, I think he’s more calculated,” Volkanovski said. “Unnecessary risk, that’s probably what he’s better at”. Volkanovski analyzed his opponent well.

The Australian knows his style well, and what is the biggest danger from him. "He doesn’t overcommit too much. He does sometimes, but he will fight on the back foot and wait for the right time to shoot and things like that.

His distance game isn’t too bad. So little things like that he does well. Like I said, he’s calculated”.

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