Islam Makhachev on McGregor vs Poirier and the promotion of his fight

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Islam Makhachev on McGregor vs Poirier and the promotion of his fight

Islam Makhachev was not satisfied with the promotion of his last fight. He decided to criticize Dana White but after a while, he realized that he was wrong. “I say something in the media, this fight is not promoted. But Dana send me message and show me all their rankings, all this stuff, how they promote, how they sell.

Now I understand,” Makhachev said, as quoted by “Because I don’t follow this game, how they promote, what they did. But they promote a lot, that’s why we don’t have tickets [available] and Dana say on pay-per-view, it’s high.

It’s going to be maybe number two or three [of all-time]”. Makhachev is aware that things are changing now that he is the owner of the title. Many decide to call him out, given that they know what such a fight brings.

“The game has changed when I take the belt,” Makhachev said. “Now the people or fighters know my name. Before they tried to avoid me, but for [Volkanovski], it’s a good fight. What’s he going to lose? Belt? Nothing.

He just come to the fight, make money, but after that fight he can step [back into] his division and be champion. He’s not losing much on this fight”.

Chandler vs McGregor

Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor should give us a spectacle.

Much is expected of the two of them. Makhachev spoke about the advantages of both fighters and the goals they have. “It’s a good fight for MMA fans, but if Chandler wins, [McGregor] is going to retire for sure,” Makhachev said.

Make some good money and that’s it. But Chandler, so smart guy, because I saw his last couple fights, he fights like crazy, like he comes from the street. But now I understand why he did this, because if he beat [Dustin] Poirier and [Justin] Gaethje, this fight never happens.

But the last four fights, they have same streak, they lose three times, that’s why this fight is happening. And for Conor, he chooses a good way too. He chooses small guy, 170 [pounds], and finally someone is going to win”.