Mike Perry denies he was violent during his marriage

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Mike Perry denies he was violent during his marriage

Short and tumultuous was the marriage of UFC fighter Mike Perry and tennis player Danilla Nickerson Perry. After a long-term relationship, they entered it at the end of the summer last year, only to break up six months later.

But the relationship itself was tumultuous with several quarrels and even breakups. The marriage actually came shortly after they reconciled, but even that didn’t help them stay together. Perry very quickly started dating Latory Gonzalez, who is currently carrying his child, while Danielle decided to try to get back to tennis, which she abandoned after she started training MMA with Mike and every fight was in his corner.

But after Perry's incidents this year, Danielle came forward with the reasons for their termination. First, textual recordings of the three charges she filed against him appeared in public. The first dates to February 8 and reads, "My husband Michael Perry verbally threatened to beat me up if I stayed home," followed by another of the same date: "Michael Perry, my husband, followed me home, hard intoxicated and yelling at his mother to send me out.

After we both refused, he said he was going to set the house on fire along with the dogs in it. The police arrested him in the neighborhood. " The third case dates back to early March, and the text of the report read: "Rachel's strip club in Orlando.

Michael Perry, my husband, was under the influence of alcohol and drugs unknown to me. I caught him in adultery, after which he said he 'paid Brooke to give him (censorship) in a private room. 'He told me to hand over the papers and how he wanted a divorce.


Mike about his marriage

Danielle then revealed that this was not all and that she was looking for a medium that was willing to convey her whole story, in which she would actually bring out details from the marriage, but also the relationship, adding that she had been abused several times.

It seems that she may have found such a medium, since now Mike has responded, who has decided to say something on the subject via Twitter. "I came across information that the media organization intends to release a story about my problems with my ex-wife.

I want to say something here and now about it. First of all, most importantly, I never raised a hand against her, not once during our short marriage. Second, already now admitted that I have problems with alcohol and have been part of an intensive rehabilitation program for some time."

"He has helped me not only in this matter but also in anger control.After doing so, I realized that I had said some things in the past that were they portrayed me the way I really wasn't and I'm sorry about that.

I'm in a loving relationship now, where I'm looking forward to the arrival of my first child. I hope my ex can go on with her life and find peace like I found. " Danielle recently revealed on Instagram that she found a large number of derogatory names in the comments of that social network, and she dedicated one post to it.

But it is obvious that she also tried to move her life further. Still, most still know her as “Platinum Princess” so she probably wants to conclude that chapter by outlining her vision of a tumultuous relationship with the popular UFC welterweight.