Leon Edwards: I will fight Masvidal if he beats Burns

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Leon Edwards: I will fight Masvidal if he beats Burns

Leon Edwards is ready to fight Jorge Masvidal if Masvidal beats Gilbert Burns. “For sure. If he goes out there and beats Gilbert, I think that’s the fight to make,” Edwards told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “It’s been a long time, three, four years brewing.

Let’s get in there and settle it once and for all and go from there." Leon Edwards proved to everyone what a fighter he is. His main goal is to beat Kamar Usman, and only then everything else.
"It’s fun to see, two, three years ago, they didn’t know who I was.

Now I’m king of the division. Little old Leon slid in, took it away, and now it’s back in Birmingham, sitting on my table. It’s all good. I’m focused on Usman. He’s the hardest fight in the division.

So I’m focused on him, get past him, and from there we’ll see who is next. ”- he continued.

Belal Muhammad

Belal Muhammad is in the fight for the title. After their famous match, Muhammad has a huge desire to find himself in the ring with Edwards again.

“Every day I go on social media, there’s something about me that he’s posting. Move on with your life,” Edwards said. “It’s been however long it’s been, just move on. If it was a close fight, I could understand the back and forth, but it wasn’t a close fight until the eye poke.

I was literally battering him pillar to post and then the eye poke happened. The way he’s behaving is like it was a tight fight, it was close, and then the eye poke happened and now I’m ducking him. Mate, just move on.

Go fight Colby [Covington] or Khamzat [Chimaev] or somebody. Fight to get there. That’s what I had to do. No one gave me s***. I got removed from the ranking and everything. I took the hard way. Now I’m here, I’m not just giving you the title shot because you got eye poked. Go carry on fighting, earn it, and when your time comes, your time comes, like mine did”.