Jiri Prochazka gives an update on his injury and return date

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Jiri Prochazka gives an update on his injury and return date

The MMA Hour was an opportunity for Jiri Prochazka to talk about his shoulder injury and a potential comeback. Prochazka confirmed that things are going well and that his return is expected in July or August this year. “Everything is going a great way,” Prochazka said on The MMA Hour.

“Next week I’m going to Las Vegas to continue in rehabilitation and all these processes to be quick, to [have] the fastest way back possible. I don’t want to be [too] fast for the shoulder, but it’s getting much better than everybody expects, so I’m happy for that.

I think I can be back in July or August, something like that. Six or seven months, something like that. Because I don’t want the fastest way back just to fight. I know this is not the best attitude. I want to be sure that my body works for 200 percent, and I think it can be in summer of this year.

Just let me work on that and I will be back as soon as possible”.

Jamahal Hill

Jiri Prochazka also spoke about Jamahal Hill, who proved to be a great fighter. Prochazka would love to fight him. “I was a little bit surprised by Glover Teixeira’s performance, his energy and his speed,” Prochazka said.

“He was so slow. He was a little bit slow. Amazing work from Jamahal, he did everything right. So congratulations to him and I’m looking forward for him. “I thought [Teixeira] had big chance to win, especially in Rio with the home crowd.

Everything worked in this event for him, so I’m a little bit surprised by that, but that’s good. A good step for light heavyweight, and I’m happy for that. I’m happy for this result because Jamahal Hill is a young guy, he’s dangerous, and I like to [have] before me somebody like him, who [will] challenge me. I’m looking forward to starting training”.