Francis Ngannou on the mistake during negotiations with Dana White

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Francis Ngannou on the mistake during negotiations with Dana White

Francis Ngannou refused to extend his contract with the UFC and that is currently the main topic on the UFC scene. Many people wonder where the problem started and who is the main culprit for everything. Speaking to The MMA Hour, Ngannou talked about the 'mistakes' he made during negotiations.

“It was before the Stipe fight, because I negotiated,” Ngannou said on The MMA Hour. “My last contract was negotiated at that moment. It took me almost three years to figure out what was the problem, but I think the problem was because during negotiations, I said something to Dana White.

I completely [made a] mistake. I didn’t know what I meant at that time, but I think he felt threatened by that when I said, ‘Doesn’t matter, we can make a deal for this fight, we just focus on the Stipe fight,’ because I was making that deal like six weeks before the fight, and they were pushing me, and I didn’t even have time to find a manager.

Then I’m like, ‘OK, I will do it on my own.’ And then, sitting there with him, I’m like, ‘Let’s just focus on this one. We can negotiate after every fight.’ I think that was the thing that I said to Dana, and you shouldn’t say something like that to somebody like Dana White”.

Francis Ngannou and jet

Francis Ngannou also recalled a situation related to the jet. Dana White made a promise, but then there were complications. “I first met Dana in Denver with [the Andrei] Arlovski [fight in 2017],” Ngannou said.

“I couldn’t even speak English properly. But I tried to say to Dana, ‘When I get the belt, I’d like to go to France in the private jet.’ And he said, ‘You get it, my man.’ At that time, Dana was all Francis.

So when I was going to fight Stipe, I think on the fight week, I saw him, but he was already pissed. I didn’t know that, but he was already pissed. Then I said, ‘Get that jet ready, my man,’ which is what we talked about.

It was a promise. So when you say, [you mean] ‘Get that jet ready’ – get that jet that we talked about. I don’t see any ego in that. That couldn’t be a problem. That wasn’t a problem. That was an excuse”.