Matt Brown: Francis Ngannou isn’t scared of anyone

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Matt Brown: Francis Ngannou isn’t scared of anyone
Matt Brown: Francis Ngannou isn’t scared of anyone (Provided by Sport World News)

In the wake of Francis Ngannou and Dana White's dispute, FC welterweight Matt Brown has commented on the whole situation. White confirmed that Ngannou was offered big money and fewer matches with the UFC, but he refused to extend his contract.

“If you think of politicians or Dana [White] speaking, you’re speaking to the lowest common denominator here,” Brown said for The Fighter vs. The Writer. “You’re not speaking to the people that are educated.

You’re speaking to the casuals. Those are the people you’re pandering to the most when you’re saying stuff like that. A lot of them probably believe it to be honest. They’ll buy into anything because they don’t know the ins and outs of it”.

Dana White and Francis Ngannou

Ngannou's story, in which Dana White emphasizes that he won't take risks, will not convince many. “It’s very similar to how politicians say different things,” Brown continued.

“They’re just saying things that the mainstream mass people are going to buy into. “Those who really know, know Francis isn’t scared of anyone. We’ll have listeners on here that will understand and they’ll listen to us and say they’re right.

But there’s millions of other people out there who will buy it”. There is no doubt in Brown's mind that the Nigerian is not scared of anyone. It is evident from the previous fights that he is a fighter of a high caliber.

“That narrative worked for other guys for sure, whether it was true or not, we could maybe buy into it a little bit,” Brown said. “With Francis Ngannou it’s like wait a minute. This dude just beat the best heavyweights in the world.

Did you see what he did to Alistair Overeem? I don’t think he’s scared of anyone. He beat Stipe [Miocic] handily. Come on, man. I don’t think anybody’s buying into that for Francis”.

Francis Ngannou