Paul Felder is not optimistic about Conor McGregor's return


Paul Felder is not optimistic about Conor McGregor's return
Paul Felder is not optimistic about Conor McGregor's return

UFC color commentator Paul Felder commented on Conor McGregor and his much-anticipated return. However, Felder is worried and not optimistic about McGregor's return. Felder believes McGregor is focused on other things. “I think he’ll always matter, as long as he’s at least teasing the idea of a return but that’s what worries me,” Felder said on The Fighter vs.

The Writer. “He’s so busy. He’s filming Road House and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know if that is over or not. It’s tough. You’re on yachts. You’ve got mansions. You’ve got all this stuff.

You’ve got businesses that you’re working on. You’re coming back from a huge injury. You take yourself out of the USADA testing pool. You’ve got to wait to get back in it. I don’t know. I don’t know if we’re going to see him in 2023.

To be completely honest with you”.

Conor McGregor and his age

McGregor is already in serious age and it is hard to expect that he can be as good as he used to be. The Irishman is probably aware of this, but his desire and passion are always in him.

“I don’t mean this in any disrespect but I do think the division is just passing him by badly,” Felder said. “I think it’s passing a lot of us. I’m older than him by a few years at least but this next generation of fighters, if you’re not in there mixing it up with them and on the mats with those types of dudes everyday — I know he’s training — but he’s going to have to definitely hope for fights like Michael Chandler, who’s a beast but those are the guys you can still compete with.

“You don’t want to be fighting Arman Tsarukyan or [Mateusz] Gamrot or these young, hungry absolute maniacs that are working their way up the division”.

Conor Mcgregor

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