Daniel Cormier on Jake Paul: He’s a kid that’s very respectful

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Daniel Cormier on Jake Paul: He’s a kid that’s very respectful

Daniel Cormier and Jake Paul have been in conflict for a long time. However, after Paul signed for PFL, there was contact between the two. Cormier realized that Paul is a good guy after all. “Jake Paul, today, announced that he has signed with the PFL,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel.

“A couple of weeks ago, Jake Paul and I were messaging each other about an appearance on my show, DC & RC, and we were going back and forth talking about his future, and honestly, Jake and I have had some run-ins.

But when I started messaging him, he’s a kid that’s very respectful. We had respectful conversations, we really did. We didn’t argue, we didn’t fight." Cormier also emphasized what he likes about Paul.

“He’s a kid that, he has an idea of what he wants to do. Now, these kids today are different. It was like [Israel] Adesanya with [Jon] Jones. Where I would kind of hold back, Adesanya would just say whatever it is he wanted to say about Jones.

If there was an accusation, he would levy the accusation even if they hadn’t proven it true. That is what kids like Jake Paul do today. He’s very boisterous, he’s very verbal, he speaks big, but he was respectful”.

Daniel Cormier on Jake Paul and his PFL move

Cormier commented on his move and departure to the PFL. He revealed what expectations he has from Paul. “But will Jake Paul actually fight in the PFL?” Cormier asked.

“A lot of boxers say they’re going to fight, but the never actually do. Here’s the thing about Jake Paul though: He’s from Ohio, a wrestling hotbed. Ohio has some of the best high-school wrestling in the entire country.

Jake Paul was a high-school wrestler there and so was his brother Logan, and they weren’t bad. So although it seems as though Jake Paul does a lot of things to drum up interest, I believe this one. He’ll actually fight”.