Daniel Cormier: The biggest thing would be if Volkanovski beats Makhachev

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Daniel Cormier: The biggest thing would be if Volkanovski beats Makhachev

Daniel Cormier believes that if Volkanovski wins over Islam Makhachev, it will be the biggest surprise ever. Cormier believes that Volkanovski is an ideal opponent for Makhachev given the characteristics he possesses. “In my opinion, Volkanovski wins this fight, it’s the biggest,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel, as quoted by mmahour.com.

“It’s bigger than anything we’ve seen because, I’m telling you, when you get into the details of this matchup, it seems a very hard match for Volkanovski to win, because his skillset is almost catered for a guy like Makhachev because of Makhachev’s ability to stand and also his size." Precisely the differences between the two will be a great reason to watch such a match.

Both are great fighters, but we know who is currently the favorite in this match. “Volk is a very big guy. Remember, we’ve spoken ad nauseam about how big he was when he played rugby, but that doesn’t matter.

He’s still shorter. Because he’s shorter it makes for Makhachev to use the leverage against Volkanovski. I believe that this would be the biggest upset in mixed martial arts history”. - he concluded.

Soriano on Adesanya and Pereira

Punahele Soriano is a great fighter.

In his opinion, Soriano believes that Adesanya is still a tougher fighter than Pereira, despite Pereira's win. Punahele is aware that he could find himself in the ring with one of the two. “I still feel like Izzy’s the way harder fight than Alex,” Soriano told MMA Junkie.

“Just from that portion where Izzy held him down (on the ground), I felt like that made him the easier fight. But he’s got the nuclear option as well, which is super scary. But I still think Izzy’s way harder of a fight than Alex.

And no offense. I don’t want Alex to be mad at me and smash me on the streets for some reason”.