Jared Cannonier admitted he cried after losing to Adesanya

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Jared Cannonier admitted he cried after losing to Adesanya

Jared Cannonier had a tough time after losing to Israel Adesanya. Cannonier showed courage by admitting that he cried after the match. He had been preparing for that match for a long time and knew how important it was. “Crying isn’t a weakness,” Cannonier said on The MMA Hour.

“Crying is a biological thing that we do to release stress, relieve tension. It’s not a weakness. So the fact that the world has led us to believe that our natural bodily functions are bad for us, it’s why I don’t listen to people.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t back there sobbing and needing a shoulder to cry on, needing somebody to hold me and a t** to suck on or anything like that. It was just something I did to deal with it. It was a frustrating cry.

I tensed up, it was frustrating. But I wouldn’t say it was a sad cry or anything like that. It was more frustrating.

Jared Cannonier on his emotions

However, he was not in such a state for long and quickly adapted to the new situation.

Cannonier believes that such things should not be carried with you. Fights and defeats are an integral part of every fighter's career. “But on the way home, I was fine,” he added. “I wasn’t like still bumming out about the fight or anything.

It was over. So when I was on the way back to the hotel, I was fine. It sucked, yeah. But I wouldn’t say the sting was still there. It was just a moment in time. I don’t hang onto these moments like that and let them drag me down or weigh on me like that.

So if it’s not going to help me, there’s no point in hanging onto these thoughts or emotions”.