Anthony Joshua reveals tactics in a 'potential' match against Tyson Fury

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Anthony Joshua reveals tactics in a 'potential' match against Tyson Fury

In an interview with GQ, Anthony Joshua talked about a potential match against Tyson Fury and how he would prepare for such a match. The Brit revealed what his tactics would be. "How do I prepare for Tyson Fury?" Joshua said, as quoted by

"What I do is I go back in history, I watch other heavyweights that have fought taller opponents, opponents that are elusive. I also watch the coach that's training Tyson Fury, how he prepares his fighters and then I'll also watch Tyson Fury from a mental standpoint and understand where he's weak mentally and I'll combine it all together and go in there and do my best, I'm sure that should be enough." However, Tyson Fury denied that such a fight could happen.

Although many are looking forward to such a match, there is little chance of it happening. "I don't think it'll happen," Fury said about such an option. "If it was going to happen it would have happened in December just gone when Chisora stepped up, manned up and stepped up to the plate.

I can guarantee you will not see it, 100 per cent. Like you didn't see Froch-Calzaghe, you didn't see Hatton-Witter, you didn't see Amir Khan vs any of them."

Tyson Fury and his goals

Fury's goal is to fight Usyk. It also seems that Joshua is not an interesting opponent for him, especially after the two defeats he experienced against Usyk.

"It's not happening, mush, 100 per cent, it's not happening. I'm going to take on the man that beat him twice, so what is he? Irrelevant or what? I'm going to knock out the guy that beat him twice, what are they going to say about me then? 'Oh my gosh, who is this guy? Where has he come from?'"