T.J. Dillashaw explained the decision to retire


T.J. Dillashaw explained the decision to retire

T.J. Dillashaw spoke about his decision to retire from the MMA scene. A shoulder injury is the biggest cause of all. “I went and had a shoulder surgery four weeks ago, and the doctor just kind of like, had a raw conversation we me,” Dillashaw said on “Food Truck Diaries”.

“ He was like, ‘Hey, man. It’s time to make a decision. This is your third shoulder surgery in the last three years.’ … It just got me thinking about life and my son, and being able to be active with him, and swing a golf club with him – just live life outside of fighting, you know?” He did not need the match with Aljamain Sterling, considering that he entered the match with an injured shoulder, which ultimately cost him.

“To go out like that, to not actually put a true performance together, because I still believe I’m the best in the weight class,” Dillashaw said about making a “bittersweet” exit. “I go out there healthy, I get that belt back, especially against a fighter like Aljamain, who’s such a great matchup for me.

Hence why I took the fight even though I was injured”.

T.J. Dillashaw

T.J. Dillashaw predicted what would happen. “I gameplanned for it,” Dillashaw said. “I had a meeting with my doctor, I was like, ‘Hey, will you do a video of the best way to put my shoulder back into the socket, because it might happen?’ … Just like with any technique, or diet, or weight cut, you got to game plan it all.

And so, I just gameplanned worst-case scenario, and unfortunately, it happened”. However, he decided to send a message to UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell in which he said that he did not want to continue his career.

“I went and saw the doctor, and with my son and everything going on, I was just like, ‘F*ck this, I’m done,'” Dillashaw said. “I wrote a letter to Hunter and said, ‘Hey man, thank you for what you’ve done for the sport, and the platform you’ve given me and the name I’ve been able to build because of it. But it’s just too much, I’m out right now.' ”