Jared Gordon thinks he deserved to win against Paddy Pimblett: I’m devastated


Jared Gordon thinks he deserved to win against Paddy Pimblett: I’m devastated

Jared Gordon is still reeling from his defeat at the hands of Paddy Pimblett. Gordon believes that the judges made a mistake, considering that the cards were on Pimblett's side, 29-28. "It’s heartbreaking,” Gordon told MMA Fighting.

“I’m devastated. But there’s nothing I can do obviously. We’ll see what comes with it”. Gordon decided to also mention the problems he had during the fight. Despite everything, he didn't want to give up.

Jared regrets some things he could have changed. “I really hurt my ankle in the first round. Bad,” Gordon continued. “I was still throwing kicks, but by the time the third round came, it hurt a lot to push off of it and to be on it.

I knew I was better everywhere. I reversed his takedowns. Took him down. Better control time. Better in the clinch against the fence. My punches landed cleaner and better. I was landing really good leg kicks. I figured it could go three rounds.

I wish I could have done a couple of things differently, especially in the third round but I thought I won every round.

Jared Gordon

Although Pimblett thinks he was the better fighter, Gordon disagrees. He thinks he was much better in certain rounds.

However, the referees gave the final word and now it's too late for anything. “He said he coasted in the third round, and in my head, I won the first two rounds, I’m winning this round, let’s not play it stupid so let me just do what I’m doing on the cage, I’m going for the takedown.

I had his back for a little bit standing. When you’re in there, it’s a lot different than when you watch it from outside the cage but I thought I had won. But obviously there was different plans”.

Paddy Pimblett