Ilia Topuria wants a match with Paddy Pimblett


Ilia Topuria wants a match with Paddy Pimblett

Ilia Topuria and Paddy Pimblett is a fight that many would like. Topuria wanted something like that, but the UFC is the one who will make the decision. “Maybe yes, maybe no,” he said for The MMA Hour. “But at the same time, I feel like the UFC’s protecting him me.

I don’t know why. In reality, that’s the fight to make right now, because it’s one of the biggest fights in the UFC. We can perfectly sell a pay-per-view. That fight makes more excitement for people than [many] championship fights”.

Topuria commented on Pimblett's match against Jared Gordon. “He lost the fight,” Topuria said. “They gave him a Christmas gift. Everyone [thought] he lost. When I hear 29-28. I think that Jared won the fight. Who cares.

He wins his last fight with a decision – this is the time I’ve spent in my last four fights”. “If he has a loss, it’s not the same,” Topuria said. “He’s coming from a win, and normally, fans don’t watch the whole fight – they watch just highlights.

They’re going to right now make good highlights for him about his last fight, and they’re going to make him look good”.
Topuria believes that Pimblett knows how to promote himself, which is very important.

“Maybe yes, maybe not [that the UFC is responsible for the result]. But look, I want to be honest. The guy is good at promoting himself. As a fighter, he sucks. He doesn’t have any skills. He’s so boring to watch.

But promoting himself, he’s good, so the UFC’s supporting him, of course”.

Ilia Topuria

Topuria believes that he would quickly solve such a match and is self-confident. “He already crossed the line, so right now, what he’s saying, I don’t care,” Topuria said.

“The people think that he’s the best from Europe. I’m from Europe. So let’s fight for the European crown. I know what’s going to happen. I know that I’m going to put him to sleep in the first round.

Everyone knows that. That’s why they are [keeping him away] from me”. He is ready to go to London, but under certain conditions. “If it’s against Paddy, the money’s right – because I have to go in his home and fight against the whole crowd,” he said.

“It’s very tough when you walk inside the cage and the crowd is against you. I would love to make that fight happen in Spain”. Ilia Topuria also revealed who he would like to fight with at the moment “In reality, I would love to focus on my weight class,” Topuria said.

“I would love to face Brian Ortega. He never turned down the fight, so now I want my managers to make an offer to his team. I know he has injury now to his shoulder, so we’re going to ask him how much time he needs to get healthy. I think that he’s a warrior and he’s going to accept the fight”.

Paddy Pimblett